Hannah Davis, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), will always be a coastal Carolinian at heart. Born and raised in North Carolina, Hannah first fell in love with weight training in high school when she was just 17. She was a cheerleader, ran cross-country, and played soccer - but nothing fascinated her quite as much as weight training. She graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a degree in drama and left to chase her acting dreams in New York City.

After a couple daytime drama TV appearances and a few stage gigs, she started working at a talent agency. Trapped behind a desk and the politics of the industry, Hannah found herself suffering from "real world" anxiety that was no longer being managed by daily trips to the gym - her meditative time. A year into working with the agency, she had a eureka moment when she decided she wanted to be doing something with her life that would improve someone else's quality of life. There was one thing she knew she was really good at - understanding the roles of exercise and nutrition in achieving complete wellness. She left her desk job and enrolled in the Academy of Personal Training in NYC, where she graduated at the top of her class.

Hannah's many certifications enable her to work with clients who are training for weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, corrective exercise, specific sport, and pre/post natal. She has worked with children, athletes, young professionals and the elderly. She is experienced with addressing a variety of limitations that clients may have. Her background in nutrition also adds a strong component to creating a more complete training program.

Hannah served as the fitness expert on the advisory board for Cosmopolitan Magazine and has contributed to publications and books including Women's Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Fitness Magazine, Health Magazine, Yahoo Health and the Rodale-published book, Shape Up Shortcuts to name a few.  She has appeared on NYC's Fox 5 and NY 1.

Currently, Hannah lives in Cleveland, TN where she trains privately in her studio located in downtown Cleveland and is host of her own fitness show on WTNB.


bikini body ebooks

ready for change?


8-week training program

Hannah's Operation Bikini Body 8-week Training Program is a lifestyle plan to help lose weight and tone up, helping you achieve your best bikini body ever!

this plan includes:




Hannah's second book in the Operation Bikini Body series focuses on toning your abs and achieving targeted results.

this plan includes:


This plan is most effective
when paired with
Operation Bikini Body: 8-week plan.




Take the #BBHChallenge and Get RESULTS Like these In Just 8 weeks........

The Operation Bikini Body challenge includes a total body workout program that can be modified for all levels and includes nutritional guidelines for reaching optimal results in shorter amount of time. This is a very detailed lifestyle program to make sure you have all the tools and accountability you need to be successful at getting through the program and rocking a body YOU feel comfortable in!
This plan is designed to help you build muscle for a leaner and stronger body, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and provide nutritional support for best results. It also includes daily self development tasks and additional support designed to impact your mind as well as your body so that these changes last well after the challenge is over. This program is based on my OBB e-book but includes SO MUCH more, has evolved with the science and provides the coaching and community accountability needed to be successful at making REAL change for good. This challenge is evergreen and you will be able to start the challenge and cycle through it over and over with continued progress. As I update content- your copy will automatically be updated so that each time you cycle through, it may be slightly different. 


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An initial look at your fitness level and assessment of goals. From here, we can book individual sessions and then train together weekly. Available to new clients.


body.fit group fitness class

An interval-training class that will focus on building strength and agility to help you build muscle and improve your cardiovascular conditioning.


Here's a collection of features and contributions I've made to various publications.
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2-2-20 method

With my 2-2-20 workout method you will lose weight, tone up, feel more energized and be inspired!  These workouts are easy to follow and extremely effective when done consistently.

Using just two pieces of equipment, you’ll work through two exercise circuits that last no more than 20 minutes! Most of us don’t have time to spend hours in the gym, and that’s why this method is for you. 2-2-20 is designed to give you optimal results in a shortest amount of time.  Stop wasting time and start getting results!

Below I've included a workout from my 2-2-20 workout series. Visit my media page for the full package available for download!




“As the editor of a magazine that centers around health and fitness, I’d thought I’d seen it all. But with her creative, modern approach to training, Hannah introduced me to new, inspired moves – ones that are as effective as they are innovative!”

- Michelle Promaulayko // Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine


“Hannah is a highly professional and experienced trainer who brings energy and enthusiasm to every workout. Always well prepared, her workouts are varied and progressive. Her focus and attention to form and proper execution gets results. Hannah’s broad knowledge of exercise and nutrition provides the perfect formula for success. I highly recommend Hannah to anyone who aspires to reach a goal of enhanced conditioning and well being.”

- Wes Card // Former CEO of Jones Apparel Group


"Hannah has been my personal trainer for over 3 years . I work out twice a week with her . She’s terrific. She tailors each workout to my needs. I recently had a back issue. I still got a great workout each week since she tailored my workouts around my problem. I’m the type of person who gets very bored with exercise. But my workouts with Hannah are always creative and motivating. She’s also very knowledgeable in nutrition. Hannah is my personal trainer but she has also become a personal friend . I would recommend her to anyone needing a trainer . She really cares about her clients. Hannah is the best!!!"

- Jane Waterman // E5 College Classics


“Thanks for helping me change my life.”

- Jeffery Zeldman // Founder and Executive Creative Director of Happy Cog


"I found Hannah after I returned from a vacation and refused to post pictures to Facebook. I wasn’t in terrible shape, but I wanted to be my best self and I didn’t know how. Upon our first meeting, I knew Hannah was right for me and we have been working out together for the past year and six months. I have achieved my goals because of Hannah’s patience and constant (day or night) motivation. She has helped me integrate fitness and good nutrition into a busy life of business dinners and Italian holidays. She commits to me as much as I commit to her and it keeps me on my desired path daily; not just during our weekly sessions. I feel better about myself today than I ever did because of Hannah’s support."

- Maria DeRuccio


"Hannah has really made a difference for me. This is the longest I’ve stuck with any kind of workout, and it’s because she trains the whole person and lifestyle. In the past when I’ve worked with different trainers, it seemed like they just gave me exercises and reps, but Hannah’s program is focused and works on my individual goals and challenges. She has had me accomplishing small victories all along the way. She has really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and made fitness fun and rewarding! I’ve been very surprised to find that I actually look forward to training and working hard, which is a total game-changer. I recently took part in a fitness charity event with my husband, something I never would have had the confidence to do before training with Hannah. She’s helped me find inner and outer strength I didn’t know I had. Thanks Gotham VT!" 

-  Maria DeVries


"Hannah has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable in the world of fitness and nutrition. She has been instrumental in changing my view of working out and a healthy diet. She motivates me to get results. She knows how to tailor to the needs of every client. She takes the time out to understand her clients’ concerns and works vigorously to get results. Hannah is not only professional, but also personable and sincere. I highly recommend Hannah to anyone looking to get healthy and transform their body."

- Parul Patel



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