Hannah Davis, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), will always be a coastal Carolinian at heart. Born and raised in North Carolina, Hannah first fell in love with weight training in high school when she was just 17. She was a cheerleader, ran cross-country, and played soccer - but nothing fascinated her quite as much as weight training. She graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a degree in drama and left to chase her acting dreams in New York City.

After a couple daytime drama TV appearances and a few stage gigs, she started working at a talent agency. Trapped behind a desk and the politics of the industry, Hannah found herself suffering from "real world" anxiety that was no longer being managed by daily trips to the gym - her meditative time. A year into working with the agency, she had a eureka moment when she decided she wanted to be doing something with her life that would improve someone else's quality of life. There was one thing she knew she was really good at - understanding the roles of exercise and nutrition in achieving complete wellness. She left her desk job and enrolled in the Academy of Personal Training in NYC, where she graduated at the top of her class.

Hannah's many certifications enable her to work with clients who are training for weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, corrective exercise, specific sport, and pre/post natal. She has worked with children, athletes, young professionals and the elderly. She is experienced with addressing a variety of limitations that clients may have. Her background in nutrition also adds a strong component to creating a more complete training program.

Hannah served as the fitness expert on the advisory board for Cosmopolitan Magazine and has contributed to publications and books including Women's Health MagazineCosmopolitanSELFFitness Magazine, Health Magazine, Yahoo Health and the Rodale-published book, Shape Up Shortcuts to name a few.  She has appeared on NYC's Fox 5 and NY 1.

Currently, Hannah lives in Cleveland, TN where she trains privately in her studio located in downtown Cleveland and is host of her own fitness show on WTNB.